Seafood in the garden. Decorate the garden and not only with painted stones


If this summer you are resting on the sea, do not forget to collect some large pebbles. Such material will be an excellent decoration for any garden. Each small pebble can be both a separate decor, and a part of a beautiful composition.

For painting on stones you will need:

  • Brush;
  • water;
  • dishwashing detergent or soap;
  • primer;
  • acrylic or stained paints;
  • permanent marker;
  • gel pens (for small parts);
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • fine paint brushes

Step 1: Remove dirt and sand from the pebbles

You can use dishwashing detergent or ordinary laundry soap. Rub each stone well on all sides with a brush, rinse it with clean water and dry it.

Step 2: Apply a coat of primer

This material will significantly save paint consumption and improve its adhesion to the surface. For some drawings, such as mandalas, the primer will simultaneously become the background for the main ornament.

Step 3: Apply the main part of the drawing.

Acrylic paints dissolve well in water during drawing, but after drying they adhere perfectly to flat surfaces. If you need to put two colors on top of one another, wait for each layer to dry. In this case, the colors will not mix.

Step 4: Sketch Small Details

For these purposes it is convenient to use gel pens with a thin rod. Inscriptions can be made permanent marker.

Step 5: Fix the result with varnish

Acrylic lacquer will create a durable protective layer on the surface, which does not allow the pattern to be erased. Choose matte or glossy varnish, depending on the design of your decor.

The case when you do not want to drive the tracks out of your garden.

Own rock garden: cacti that do not prick.

The earliest harvest. Markers for beds in the form of ripe berries.

Ladybirds bring good luck. Decorate the flowerbeds with fun bugs.

A bit of Mexican national culture ...

Bright mandala with fine details.

You can dream up and create something non-standard.

Heroes of children's cartoons on the stones look just amazing! Glossy varnish will add the desired shine.


You can choose your own style and create various patterns within it.

Even the most simple children's drawings will play in the new world.

Real skill will not go unnoticed.

Board games can be transferred to the lawn. If you have a lot of stones, you can make checkers or backgammon.

Draw on the stones the symbols of your favorite movie characters, or even themselves.

Emoticons there is a place not only in messages and comments.

Create magnificent compositions that will turn individual parts of the garden into fabulous corners. Sometimes you can use not the brightest colors, only slightly tinting pebbles.

On the stone, you can write a secret message.

In some cultures, the stones are considered alive, you can beat this moment.