Cube for storage: 11 practical and original ideas


In furniture and hardware stores often sell wood cubes, which are designed to organize storage. Thanks to them, you can successfully place the little things without throwing them all over the apartment. You can simply put the cube and take it with things, and you can come up with something more interesting. There are at least 11 ways to fit such a design in the interior of the apartment.

1. Stand for TV.

You can add a whole video center by adding a standard cube with legs and placing columns on either side of it. Benefit from a DVD or a modern record player under the TV. Vinyl is in fashion again!

2. Corner for washing.
Just by adding a plywood sheet to the cube, you can organize a very convenient table for storing dirty laundry and detergents in the bathroom. Now sorting the laundry before washing will not be so tedious.

3. Corner for reading and storing toys.

Having built a wooden cover upholstered with soft fabric on a cube, you can get such a wonderful piece of furniture. After the end of the games, the baby can fold the toys himself and then sit down to read a fairy tale.

4. Dresser for creativity.

All materials for needlework in one place! And to build a construction is easier than it seems. It is only necessary to attach the wheels to the table was mobile, and crown it with a table top. The table will perfectly fit even into a small apartment.

5. Game corner.

With the help of PVC pipes and cubes for storage, you can create entire gaming zones. This may be a shop, cafe or hairdresser. It depends on what toys to fill the shelves.

6. Bench and locker in one item.

Such an element of furniture does not take much space. It is very functional. You can sit on a large soft pillow, like on a small sofa, and use the space under the bench for storing small things. Complementing the design with different accessories and textiles, you can change the style of the room at will.

7. Storage space in the bedroom.

Adding modules to the construction of an ordinary bed, we get an unusual and very convenient piece of furniture to use. In addition, even the simplest bed in this design will look volume and very beautiful.

8. Convenient workplace

Instead of ordering an expensive desktop with lots of shelves, pay attention to this idea. Two standard cube and table top form a simple, but very convenient design that will streamline all office supplies and documents.

9. Wardrobe organization.
Cubes with shelves are a great option for storing shoes and accessories. Having added barbells and simple shelves to them, you can create a spacious and comfortable dressing room. It is unlikely that any wardrobe can be as functional.

10. Box for wine.
Adding to the standard drawer slats installed crosswise, we get an exclusive piece of furniture. Unlike bought in a specialty store, this one will be quite inexpensive.

11. Dollhouse.
Just make out different “rooms” with colored paper, and an incredibly interesting and beautiful toy will come out. Children themselves will gladly arrange the interior of the house.

Now, when you see a cube with shelves in the store, you will definitely want to purchase it for yourself. And perhaps not one!