Wait to throw away the coffee grounds: 20 ways of unexpected use of miracle remedies.


Are you going to throw away the coffee grounds? Do not rush to do it! After reading these useful tips, you can make your life easier - because coffee helps in the most unpredictable cases. The value of this drink does not disappear when you make the last fragrant sips, coffee grounds - a real treasure. Now you know why!

How to use coffee grounds

Fertilizer for the garden
Coffee grounds are a wonderful fertilizer that stimulates the growth of your favorite flowers.

New shades in the flowerbed
Not only fertilizer - by adding coffee grounds to the soil, you make shades of colors more diverse. Pink flowers will be turquoise!

Remedy against cats
If tailed pranksters make a mess in your garden, sprinkle coffee on the ground - cats do not like this smell.

Useful for dogs
If your dog has a flea, wash it with shampoo and coffee grounds. The parasites will disappear!

Fabric coloring
A white kitchen towel with hard stains can be painted in a dark shade using coffee grounds!

Cleaning pots and pans
Drunk coffee very well clean the bloom and dirt from the dishes.

Air freshener
Coffee absorbs any unpleasant odors - use this amazing property!

Masking scratches
The coffee will color the scratched wood in a natural shade, the scratches will no longer be visible.

Nice shade of wood
Boards and wood furniture will get a chocolate shade if you rub their coffee.

Odor Destruction
To remove the unpleasant smell, simply place the coffee grounds inside the shoe for a while.

Garlic is defeated!
Your hands will not smell like garlic and onions after cooking - just rub them with coffee grounds.

Natural plasticine
From coffee, sea salt, hot water and oil, you can make clay - completely harmless to children.

Original recipe
Pork, baked in coffee - this is truly an outlandish recipe! Worth trying.

Unusual cookies
The composition of many interesting cookies includes coffee, which gives them an unforgettable taste.

Coffee candle
If you make a candle with your own hands and add some coffee there, you get an interesting effect.

Recipe for oily hair
If your hair tends to get dirty quickly, wash it off with coffee grounds. They will be airy!

Body Scrub
Coffee will remove dead cells from the entire surface of the body better than any washcloths.

    1. Facial scrub
      Coffee scrub cleans the face very carefully, polishing the surface of the skin. Make a wonderful rejuvenating facial treatment and be irresistible!

Nice soap
Make a soap with the addition of coffee grounds - the smell will be wonderful.

No dark circles
Circles under the eyes are right there, if you massage this problematic area of ​​coffee. Caffeine tones up tired skin, improves blood circulation. An invaluable tool!

Take advantage of these great tips on health - coffee works wonders! A truly universal remedy that has no equal. Especially cool use coffee groundsas an air freshener - much better than any purchase.

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