Magazine "Burda Moden" and life in the Soviet Union


 Author: Elena "Painting as a gift"

The best encyclopedia of needlework in the Soviet Union was the magazine Burda Moden!
I opened it with a sinking heart, because I wanted to get everything from there. No not like this. That's it - Everything! Everything! Everything!

Recently I was able to download the old numbers and the dreams of my youth are back! I want to share with you my memories.

Immediately I apologize to the philologists, as I will incline the name of the journal, as it was then inclined.

So, let's begin!
This magazine could not be bought. He secretly, to pull, spread through the mail. Everyone who was close to the post was a very important and necessary person. The magazine was viewed from cover to cover, it was only given to very familiar hands, and only to look. And there was something to see.

And what fabrics, accessories, hats, shoes. Some belts are worth. And otpad jewelry, which was impossible to buy in the store, especially in a remote province.

After reading one recipe, where white unsweetened yogurt was required, I fell into a stupor - what is this yogurt and what it generally is.

I was very close to the happiness called Burda - my mother worked at the post office and sometimes brought magazines that went to the wives of the big bosses. But at your own risk, it was possible to take at night - to look. And another classmate had a piece of happiness, her mother brought several magazines from some Arab country.

Thanks to Burde, I learned to knit well. Knitting! What a matchless it was on the pages of Burda!
My cunning mother, when I tried to depict something on the needles, slipped the magazine and I disappeared.Six times I tied a sweater, because the yarn claimed there did not exist in our country - an Angora and silk.
I bought wool for a knitting machine as thick as regular sewing thread. And only by the method of scientific tyke, I picked up the desired thickness. It wasfeat, but what I was fashionable in this sweater and jeans
It’s a pity, but we didn’t do much of it then.

In 1987, the magazine was already quite common in the union and it could be periodically viewed. It was difficult to use - there were problems with light industry in the country. The finest fabric — tarpaulin, gray and brown tweed — was plenty, but something else — alas
But we did not cope. What just can not do for beauty!

These are my dreams that never came true for various reasons, mainly the lack of the right fabric.

At the institute, we already started sewing along Burda, since it was difficult to find interesting clothes in the store, and I could not walk in clothes from the market, she somehow sat too scary on me. I was very upset about this.

I still remember - the “trumpet” hat was sitting on me as it is strange that I was very sad. And it’s quite a wearable thing, but it’s not sitting there either.

In addition, I studied in pedagogical and wearing super fashionable was somehow inconvenient. It was necessary to look decent.

These models were sewn in the magazine "Burda Moden" by my classmates. Even material similar found.

For the dresses presented below, the taffeta could not be found, but the dresses still turned out gorgeous!

The girls were inimitable.

My wardrobe began with knitting. I accidentally saw a girl in a bus sweater. Stunned by the beauty and while traveling "sketched" the scheme and in three days she tied a new thing, and one to one. And she wore it with a skirt made of cloth with a coupon, also from Burda.

These two things wore about ten years. Sweatshirt with embroidery turned out gorgeous. I found the yarn only in dark turquoise, and there was nothing to embroider. The bead was not in the store, she collected 20 pearl beads of different sizes for the girlfriends, three she accidentally lost, was upset and decided to come up with her own design. Worn out, but it turned out very interesting. It is a pity, only, neither the photo nor the jacket, alas, has survived.

From the tablecloth I could not tear my eyes. True, I did not get it for a long time, the fragments came out unequal. And then she got used to it, tied up and presented to her friend. The second time on such a feat, probably, I will not dare.

Then it's time for business suits and dresses. I did not have such elegant shoulders, but still, these things sat well. True, the fabric for the gray dress took on its color - dull yellow. And with a blouse for a long time suffered, the ornament could not be embroidered, but still realized and embroidered it with chain stitch.

With pants that are polka dots, a funny story happened. I made more folds and it turned out a skirt-pants. Decent color, almost no pants. It was like a week, and only then did the head teacher speak "about the inadmissibility of wearing trousers in an educational institution." "Tyzhuchitel!" - they exclaimed together with the director, calling me to order.

And I had this whole suit! Here! She sewed herself. And the jacket on the lining! She was proud of herself - as the first flight into space! And he sat on me as a model.

Every summer I made new clothes for myself. And according to the old journals of 1988-90, it looked quite fashionable and modern. Maybe because I went not to Paris, but to Khabarovsk?

The shorts below are universal. She sewed a pair of khaki shirt fabric (which was found) to herself and her friend. A plump girlfriend was to her very much, they turned completely turned away. And I was very short, as in the photo. In the village where my friend and I rested, grandmas, seeing us in shorts, spat and called "shameful girls in shorts." And what you want was 1993 and there was no sex in the country yet.

I really wanted these two stylish things in a set for shorts: an embroidered jacket and a knit jacket. Viletochku I courageously tried to do as in the picture. But there was nothing to embroider with, and the lonely buttons and beads, found in all the friends, simply refused to create even the illusion of such beauty. So I also did not finish this vest.

And this is the most favorite things. Corsage and dress with bare shoulders. Even the pillars turned around on me in the village. The dress turned airy from white in gold muslin colors. Wore without a vest and kept it on three rows of gum, but open shoulders and the absence of straps caused genuine interest among all who came.

And that they had not yet seen my nightdress with hand-knitted lace. Of course, I didn’t get such beauty, since Soviet women didn’t need a batiste, it was too impractical to hurt, and the nightie could make him too thin to freeze. Therefore, it used a completely Soviet fabric - cotton.

The magazine was a guide to a beautiful life. there you could find advice for all occasions. Girlfriends slender jamb went to marry, I also zasobiralesya. In her favorite magazine, I began searching for the most important thing - a wedding dress and a haircut (I already had a night dress). Found just such a beauty.

Hairstyle - super, recently repeated for my daughter.

The magazine "Burda" was everything for the girl of that time. Everything related to home, fashion, needlework could be found there. I still keep a dozen rooms in which you can find a lot of interesting things.

And a little more from unfulfilled desires ...

... and embroidery, which has remained beyond my interests ...

Birds are simply superb. I can imagine my house, the stairs upstairs and on the wall, along the stairs, birds embroidered with satin stitch ....

and on the veranda, covered with a tablecloth, a table embroidered with chain stitch ...