Comfortable cuisine: 20 brilliant ideas that you should have known yesterday!


The kitchen is a sacred temple for every hostess. But often after long preparations of delicious dishes this room becomes unrecognizable. And all because of the wrong space organization! Today our editorial board will share with you secrets that will help not only to clean up the kitchen, but also save some useful space.

Order in the kitchen

  1. The bottom drawer is ideal for storing wine.
  2. Hide a small household appliances will help a small cache.
  3. Retractable shelf - a great idea for storing small household appliances and kitchen utensils.
  4. Built-in breadbasket will help save space on the kitchen table.
  5. Plastic containers are the best idea for storing bulk products.
  6. A great way to combine a desktop and kitchen surface is a special cover.
  7. This drawer will be the best place to store kitchen towels.
  8. Now the dishes for feeding animals will not carelessly lying on the floor! It is necessary to build such a drawer to hide small bowls.
  9. This shelf above the sink will be an additional surface for storing detergents.
  10. It should be attached to the doors of lockers and cabinets small drawers that will help to streamline the kitchen small things.
  11. How convenient to use such a cutting board! No unnecessary movements: simplicity and comfort.
  12. It is worth completely abandon the use of bulky chairs in the kitchen!
  13. To get another extra countertop, you should make a roll-out table.
  14. Such a hanging box will not only be a great decoration for your kitchen, but will also help grow your favorite herbs.
  15. Glass apron - an indispensable find for all hostesses! It makes a variety of kitchen interior, as well as its very easy to wash.
  16. By attaching a plastic pipe inside the kitchen box, you will receive additional space for storing bottles of household chemicals.
  17. Often, there is still plenty of space around the refrigerator. Use it sensibly, make a vertical drawer!
  18. A sliding table is a useful idea that will help get an additional tabletop in the kitchen.
  19. Special seats will help save space in the kitchen. Such furniture can be made to order.
  20. A narrow sliding shelf will be a great solution for storing pans.

Our editorial team liked all the ideas for space saving! And what tricks do you use? Do not forget to share with us in the comments.