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The most "terrible" parents, in the opinion of children, or Why do they cry

Once we see a crying baby from afar and a number of indifferent parents, we immediately begin to draw a picture of indifference and terrible attitude to children on the part of adults. But is it really? Is the cause of childhood tears - in selfishness or the heartlessness of parents? As these photo examples from Instagram with the hashtag "# terrible parent" show, children do not always cry for good reasons.
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Secrets of growing geraniums

You can grow geraniums from seeds, but I prefer cuttings, which take place from mid-February to early March. At this time it is already required to make cutting of a geranium. After all, geranium is light-requiring, and in winter there is little light, and the plant is drawn out, it becomes not very beautiful. In geranium, you need to cut bare shoots to the height that you need (but not quite to the stump, of course), from them new branches will go.
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7 original methods of cooking eggs, which you have not heard

Eggs can be found in almost any home. They are easy to prepare, and they are rich in protein, which makes them just an indispensable product. Virtually everyone knows how to cook eggs, cook an omelette or an omelet. However, if you are bored with traditional ways of cooking eggs, try making these unusual and at the same time simple egg dishes.
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The current trend of the season: white blouses that are indispensable

In the wardrobe of every modern woman there are things that not only never go out of fashion, but also able to create an attractive image and save the situation. These products include white women's blouse. This product is always and everywhere. A fashionable white blouse can be boldly put on in a cinema, cafe, for a walk or even for a party.
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